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Alemanha 12.91 € 12.91 € 5.68 € 18.14 € 19.68 € 21.22 € 22.22 €
Belgica 16.61 € 18.61 € 19.61 € 20.61 € 22.61 € 23.61 € 26.61 €
Espanha 6.30 € 7.84 € 8.95 € 9.95 € 11.85 € 13.95 € 15.99 €
França 13.84 € 13.84 € 16.38 € 18.76 € 20.75 € 23.37 € 23.37 €
Luxembrurgo 15.68 € 15.68 € 17.99 € 19.52 € 20.75 € 23.83 € 24.83 €
Portugal 4.77 € 6.13 € 7.73 € 12.60 € 17.48 € 19.10 € 22.36 €
Reino Unido 18.14 € 18.14 € 20.75 € 21.68 € 23.75 € 26.44 € 27.44 €
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MRCosmetica ships to Portugal and the European Union.
Shipping costs will be calculated automatically as soon as you place your items in the shopping cart (VAT included).


  1. ºMRCosmetica delivers orders through CTT Expresso.
  2. º MRCosmetica will ship your order preferably on the business day following confirmation of payment for your order. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will be informed by email of the day it is shipped, as well as the shipping number to track the route of your order.



- 1-2 business days after shipment.


- 2-5 business days after shipment.


  • Always check that the return cost is less than the cost of the returned merchandise.
  • MRCosmetica does not refund shipping costs, we only refund the costs of the merchandise itself.
  • After placing your order, you have 14 days to return the goods.
  • We do not accept the return of items if the deadline exceeds the mentioned.
  • The customer has the right to exchange or return their products for withdrawal (Decree-Law No. 82/2008), defect or non-conformity. However the product must be in the same condition as when it was purchased, without having been opened or used.
  • The refund process will only start after receiving and checking the product conditions.
  • On, the products are made available as accurately as possible. If, however, there are still doubts regarding the product you want, please contact us by email.
  • Please contact us for further clarification:


  • MRCosmetica is not responsible for loss or damage caused to your order if it is not delivered within the indicated deadlines.
  • If the shipment is made by hand registered mail or CTT Expresso, all order receipts must be signed as proof of the same. Upon receipt, the customer is responsible for the order, even if it is received by someone else at the indicated address.
  • If no one receives the order at the indicated address, the delivery service will leave a notice and your order will be returned to the Postal Services. You must collect it within the stipulated period. If not, your order will be returned to MRCosmetica. and will contact you later. We do not refund the value of the order. We will send the order back to an address you specify. Shipping costs and applicable fees will not be refunded and shipping costs will be paid by the customer.


  1. º When completing their order, the customer undertakes to purchase the products for the price posted on the website in accordance with clause 5.
  2. º Payment is made when submitting the purchase order.
    Payments can be made by:
    • Bank Transfer or Deposit
    • Payment of services through ATM References (Only available for Portugal).
    • Paypal
      - Credit Card via PayPal

    The customer guarantees the authorization to use the Credit Card.
  3. º All purchase orders on this site are subject to confirmation and acceptance according to our rules. Your order will be confirmed and accepted by us by e-mailing your order receipt with the shipping order.
  4. º Payment must be made in full. All transactions are processed in Euros (EUR).
  5. º MRCosmetica may make price changes or corrections, whenever necessary and without prior notice. These changes will be provided to you later.
  6. º The security of payment by Credit Card is ensured by PayPal.
  7. º MRCosmetica does not register or store numbers relating to Credit Cards used in online transactions.
    Every effort is made to ensure that any purchase and payment is made with the greatest security and reliability, however detects that your Credit Card has been used by a third party without your authorization, you will have to contact its regulatory body immediately.
  8. º MRCosmetica. reserves the right to limit the sales quantities of the product on the website